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For example, I want to start a business that sells shares of collectible to people

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Offering help at the earliest stage

We know starting something can be scary and lonely. Entrepreneurs need solid feedback, even at the idea stage. We created this site to engage with you along your journey and to offer help along the way!

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Hi, I’m Aron Meystedt.

I’ve been a startup founder and angel investor for 20 years.I’ll be your entrepreneurship guide as we navigate how to go from ‘idea’ to ‘something’ as efficiently as possible.

I am a member of several angel investor groups, one being Tech Coast Angels in Southern California. I have a Master’s degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX – but you don’t need one of those to get started! I also own the very first .com ever registered on the Internet (fun fact).
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Validator AI - Get AI business validation for any idea | Product Hunt

AI business validator for any idea

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What Our Users Are Saying!

People love using our AI to validate their startup ideas.


Very helpful

This thing is really uncanny. I threw some wild shit at it and the outputs were really good. Wild stuff.

Johny Nguyen
My users


I am impressed as hell, cause it gave proper and correct feedback just like any expert or investor will give. The tool is awesome.

Johny Nguyen
My users

Great app

Is this for real? scary!!! i tested a random idea "search music from lyrics" and... wow 😲 guys, must check it out!

Jay Cooper
My users

Detailed and Helpful

Wow, I was expecting general feedback but the feedback I got was detailed and helpful.Also highlighted some blindspots in my business plan!

Jay Cooper
My users

Very good!

I love the idea behind this. Validating your ideas is so important and can save so much wasted time.

Jennie Hanna
CEO at ABC Corporation

Crazy good!

I just tried your tool on a very niche idea specific to my knowledge on data platforms and the advice was spot on 100%.

Jennie Hanna
CEO at ABC Corporation
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