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Learn How to Validate and Launch a Startup With our AI

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Our AI will act as a personal coach as it guides you through 5 modules of Market Research, Talking with Early Customers and more.

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Everything you need to validate your idea, move it forward and put it out there to the world!

A Startup Roadmap Plus an AI Instructor to Guide You

When you enter your business idea into the box, our AI does a real-time analysis of the customer, the market, the competition and more. The AI can help find gaps in the market and form your value proposition.

Our AI sends you deliverables, which range from market research, target market ideas, analysis of the competition, social media posts to try and much more. As you and the AI are working through your startup together, the AI will populate a startup roadmap for you to follow and reference as you go along.

* Your subscription unlocks our Business Analysis tool, which gives you a detailed report about your startup idea across 20 key criteria.

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As soon as you begin the chat, the AI will start building a roadmap for you both to follow. This roadmap includes tasks that you will do together. The AI will offer to help with many tasks.
INCLUDED with your subscription is access to our Business Analysis Reports. Our Business Analysis report will perform a quick analysis of your idea and our AI will give you feedback across 20 key criteria.
The AI will send you research, early customer conversation scripts, social media posts and other recommended items. These will be added to your user account as deliverables, allowing you and the AI to discuss everything. The AI will iterate and pivot based on what you uncover from your talks with customers.
The goal of this is to learn what it takes to launch a startup. As you move through the program, the AI will continually build and complete your startup roadmap. Once you have completed everything, you will have learned how to prove your idea in the market, make pivots if necessary and how to build an MVP based on customer feedback. We are adding more features, so stay tuned!

Praise For Our AI Education Course

David Fox


Putting Zapt through Validator AI gave us actionable advice and excellent insights which significantly helped us move forward. The AI mentor underscored several vital considerations for our project.

Andrew Bouras

Varos Technologies

We have received accurate feedback every step of the way in terms of what my co-founder and I have been experiencing. The AI hit on all important aspects of our business that we are addressing.

Wasan Shubbar


Validator AI touched on all the key points we’ve been discussing with our investors and our team. All of the points it raised we have included in our roadmap!

Jennifer, USA

I love the roadmap and think the videos and checklists are great.

Tea, France

The strength in Val lies in helping someone turn their idea into an actionable plan.

Jen, USA

I did an accelerator previously which fell short because they molded my idea into a major opportunity. I pitched investors, they didn’t invest… and that was it. Val is helping me move forward the correct way.

Kathrin, Germany

I am excited because there is ZERO out there for validating new ideas and NOTHING that helps knowing which idea of mine is worth pursuing.

Sebastian, Germany

I was looking for someone as a ‘sparring partner’ and Val is doing that for me. My wife is tired of me bouncing ideas off her. Haha. Val gives me clarity on the next steps and gives me feedback.

Jessica, USA

Val has been really great so far! It feels lightyears better than anything I've used before. I've attempted several business ideas in the past and this is hands down the most confident that I've felt about any of them.

Nicky, USA

Validator AI is a valuable resource that has helped me to work out some of the issues with various concepts, and getting these concepts just a little closer to being ready to launch.

Kenneth, College Student, USA

Val is extremely innovative and I believe will be an incredible asset to future entrepreneurs seeking for new ideas and advice when it comes to building their business.

Eric, College Student, USA

This service makes it really easy for a person like myself that has no experience in the business sector. It is actually making me think about pursuing this small idea.

JaMal, College Student, USA

Even though I enjoy personal interaction this allows me to conduct all my thoughts before talking to someone about it. Validator AI helped me uncover blind spots in my business that I didn't think of. It is showing me what it takes to get going.

Jacqueline, College Student, USA

I like how it gave me the first steps to start off my idea. I was lost because I didn't have a clear plan, but now I have a clearer understanding of what I could start doing.

About Validator AI

We are a small team in California and Orlando with a huge passion for helping people create startups. We’ve been through accelerators, we advise entrepreneurs and we angel invest in startups. Our one single aim with this site is to help democratize entrepreneurship. We feel anyone, anywhere has the power to change their life through entrepreneurship.

Hi, I'm Aron Meystedt

I’ve been a startup founder and angel investor for 20 years.

I’ll be your entrepreneurship guide as we navigate how to go from ‘idea’ to ‘something’ as efficiently as possible.

I am a member of several angel investor groups, one being Tech Coast Angels in Southern California.

From this moment on, you aren’t alone in your startup journey.
I know what it’s like to want to move forward, and have no idea where to turn. I, along with other startup founder friends, have built Validator AI as a tool to help you get started...Our aim is to enable anyone to become a founder!

Fun fact: I own the very first .com ever registered on the Internet!Get Started Today!

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