Questions & Answers

1. What exactly do I get when I register for the accelerator?

As soon as you register, you’ll answer a few questions about your goals and your idea and our AI will create a custom roadmap for you to follow. This roadmap is an ‘idea stage’ startup accelerator. You will also receive a full AI chatbot, trained on your idea, to help you along the way. Ask the chatbot anything about the day’s lesson and it will help you move forward.

2. What is the cost for the accelerator?

Our accelerator is $15 a month. We take zero equity. Our goal is to get people moving as quickly as possible. Our startup accelerator has been proven to be the correct gameplan for proving out ideas and moving forward.

Most accelerators either take equity stakes in your startup (they take a percentage ownership) OR they charge hefty fees for you to get in the door. We have transparent pricing, which covers our costs of running the AI programs.

3. What is in the accelerator?

Our curriculum is the exact same roadmap taught in the major accelerators you’ve heard of. The main differences? You don’t have to move to be in the accelerator.
You don’t have to apply.
We don’t reject anyone. Major accelerators reject thousands of entrepreneurs per year.
Our AI customizes your roadmap and delivers it to you in day-to-day bite sized lessons.
We cover everything in the idea stage from proving demand to finding a target audience, determining your unique value proposition and preparing for launch.

4. What if I need additional help?

When you’re in the accelerator, you’ll have a full AI chatbot trained on your idea and your goals. It knows the accelerator curriculum and is trained on the lean startup methods.

If you need additional help, feel free to reach out on the CONTACT PAGE and we’ll do our best to get you on track.

5. Who is behind this and how do you know about startups?

Our ABOUT PAGE tells a bit more. The small team behind this has been building startups for the past 15+ years. We also have been through a great accelerator, which is where we learned the roadmap we are sharing with you.

One of our team members actually built a unicorn (a startup worth at least $1Billion) and recently sold it. We are also angel investors in startups and we back larger venture funds. We’re passionate about helping people get started. We know entrepreneurship moves the world and people’s lives forward in amazing ways.

6. What’s the goal here?

While we can’t promise that you’ll build a million dollar startup after you complete our program, you WILL know the roadmap and tools to pursue any idea you ever have. You’ll know the steps to take to validate your idea in the market, without spending enormous sums of money.

Most entrepreneurs make significant mistakes when they start, and our accelerator is designed to keep you on the right track, with daily goals to hit. We believe entrepreneurship is a learned skill, and our aim is to democratize the entrepreneurship opportunity for everyone.