Questions & Answers

1. Is all of this confidential?

Yes! We don’t read or store your submissions. Our goal is to help people get started in entrepreneurship. As you know by now, execution is the key. An idea without execution is just an idea.

2. Where do I go to receive angel investment?

You should know that investors generally don’t back ideas. They like to see businesses with customers and real traction, so their money can help grow the business.

If you are at the idea stage, it’s probably too early to pitch investors. You should focus on proving demand and talking to customers.

3. Where does the advice come from?

Our AI is trained on thousands of startups, lean startup methods and angel investor criteria. When you prompt our AI, you are asking advice from a tool that has deep knowledge of what it takes to launch a startup.

4. What if I need additional help?

You can ask our AI a variety of things, around your idea and industry. Feel free to ask how to get started, or ask the AI how people get started once they have an idea in a specific industry.

Perhaps ask the AI where to go to find the first 50 customers for your idea.

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